Our Emporium Plant area is the home of an immense range of beautiful plants, ranging from trees, shrubs and climbers, to bedding plants, vegetables, and gorgeous flowers. Although we cannot sell our lovely plants online just yet, this page will show you some of our favourite plants that we have been proud to stock this summer in our Garden Centre. 

Please come and visit us this Summer to pick your garden favourites – enjoy a walk around our Emporium Garden taking in the vibrant colours of our beautiful blooms, before heading inside for our collection of house plants.

If you need a hand we have friendly experts who are more than happy to offer some garden advice and help pick the plants you need!

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee stock availability or blooms of these beautiful plants. Please use this as reference for some of the beauties we have had blooming through the Summer.

Summer is well underway and it’s the best time of year for our bright and colourful plants to bloom!

It’s not too late to set your plants, we’ve got so many ready-to-go, you’ll be spoilt for choice! The bees are buzzing around the Emporium Garden, they can’t resist the sweet summer flowers we have on display!

Here is just a selection of some of our favourite blooms we’ve had this season.

Bedding Plants are fantastically vibrant plants which work well in hanging baskets, pots, and borders and also work as fillers. Grown together they give a beautiful and colourful display. Bedding Plants tend to be Annual plants, meaning they only live for one season, but provide longer blooms.

We all know vegetables taste better when they’ve been grown in your own garden! We’ve got a delicious array of fruit and vegetable plants to get you started. Ranging from cabbages, lettuces, squashes and tomatoes, to raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and grapes! Here is just a selection of what we’ve got in the Emporium Garden…

We have a beautiful array of roses to choose from, including Shrub Roses, Hybrid Tea Roses, Floribunda Bush Roses and Climbing Roses, amongst many more. Whatever the occasion we have a rose waiting for you. Below are a small selection of images of our favourite blooms, photographed in our very own Emporium Garden!

Climbing plants create vertical displays of flowers and foliage to turn walls, fences, and arches into stunning garden features. There are many different types of climbers to suit all locations, and they provide shelter and food for wildlife too.

Perennial is the name given to plants that can live for three or more growing seasons. Most perennials are typically cold-hardy plants, meaning they can survive winter when they die down to the ground, before returning in spring. Available in many shapes and sizes, with flowers in every colour imaginable, these plants are more versatile and even easier to propagate to grow more!

Even when flowering has ended most perennials produce beautiful foliage for a longer season. 

If you love plants as much as us, House Plants are an excellent way to bring the outside – inside! Check out some of our gems from our eye-catching collection. We even have some Carnivorous varieties at the moment!

We have loads of areas in our Emporium Garden, dedicated to helping you find the plants you are looking for. On your way round you’ll find our Perennials A-Z boasting bright colours and sweet scents; our conifers, hebes, lavenders amongst loads of plant species in the sun; and under the canopy you’ll find our annual favourites. At the moment we have a beautiful array of vegetable plants and bedding plants ready for the garden!