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Top Gardening Jobs for May

Hello May! The days are getting warmer and longer. Here are some top jobs for in the garden this month.

🌱Cut back lavender plants, cutting off old flowers and about 2.5cm (1in) of the current years growth.

🌱Weed beds and borders.

🌱Harden off bedding plants that have been raised indoors by leaving outside during the day, and bringing them back under cover at night, for about 2 weeks before planting outdoors.

🌱Watch out for late frosts, protect tender plants.

🌱Start mowing the lawn weekly.

🌱Remove faded spring bedding such as wallflowers and forget me nots.

🌱Plant out Dahlia tubers.

🌱Sow French beans and runner beans directly outdoors.

🌱Earth up potatoes, covering the shoots as they appear.

🌱Repair patches in the lawn by sowing grass seed.





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