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Top Gardening Jobs for October

With it’s autumnal colours, October is a most beautiful month.

Now is the perfect time to be out in the garden tidying up and cutting back, harvesting fruit and veg, and preparing for the first frosts.

Our top jobs for October...

🍂 Lift Dahlia tubers and Begonia tubers to store dry over winter.

🍂 Prune climbing and rambling roses once they’ve finished flowering.

🍂 Cut back perennial plants that have died down.

🍂 After tidying borders, mulch with bark chips or well rotted manure to help insulate plant roots for the winter.

🍂 Autumn is the ideal time to plant and move shrubs.

🍂 Harvest apples. To know if they are ready, gently lift them in your hand and give them a gentle pull, they should come away easily.

🍂 Plant spring flowering bulbs.

🍂 Clear fallen leaves, especially off the lawn.

🍂 Any tender plants should now be moved into a greenhouse or cold frame for overwintering.

🍂 Mow your lawn for the last time, and aerate with a garden fork to avoid water logging.

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