Griselinia Green Horizon is a fast growing evergreen hedging plant, hardy to at least -10°C to -12°C.


Upright growing, Griselinia Green Horizon forms a dense hedge that can be trimmed to 6-8ft (or a height of your choice) and a width of only 60cm / 2ft so it won’t take up a large part of your garden. Even a height of 1-2m / 3-6.5ft can look very neat. Its oval leaves are a darker, glossier green than the standard Griselinia littoralis, which makes it particularly attractive.

It grows 60-90cm / 2-3ft a year with an ultimate height of 6m / 19ft if left untrimmed.

Griselinia Green Horizon hedging plants should be planted 40-90cm / 18 inches-3ft apart from one another – although they can be planted further apart if you do not mind waiting longer for them to form a solid hedge. It forms a neat and compact hedge, or solitary, can also be used as a specimen plant or topiary piece in the garden.

Griselinia Green Horizon





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