Luxury and creativity walk hand in hand in this legendary 57cm charcoal grill. With a closed ash-catcher, convenient lid holder, a GBS cooking grate for all culinary experiments and upgraded with a bracket for your iGrill accessory - this your guarantee for the authentic feel of charcoal grilling.

Product Features:

- Porcelain enamelled bowl and lid making the grill weather-proof and easy to clean

- 57cm triple-plated gourmet BBQ system cooking grate that fits all GBS inserts

- Built-in lid thermometer for easy temperature read

- Rust-proof aluminium lid vent and ensures proper airflow

- Two rubberised all weather wheels for improved mobility 

- Weather-proof lid and bowl handles - bowl handle has integrated tool hooks

- Stainless steel One-Touch cleaning system for easy disposal of ash in to closed ash catcher

- Low and slow vent setting for perfect airflow when smoking

- Tuck away lid holder - for flipping the lid into when checking on the food

- iGrill ready bracket - keeps your iGrill accessory close at hand

- One touch system re-configure with smoking vent

- Grill holder

- Improved thermometer 

Weber Mastertouch E5750 black Display

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