Miracle-Gro Magnesium Salts 1.5KG

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Natural Source of Epsom Salts are suitable for organic gardening. It prevents and corrects leaf yellowing, improves nutrient absorption into plants and produces lush, green, vibrant foliage. It is ideal for magnesium hungry crops such as potatoes, roses, tomatoes and pears.
Use Miracle-Gro Magnesium Salts whenever you need to green up yellow and unhealthy foliage. To prevent leaf yellowing or conifer browning, apply once a year, preferably in spring. To correct leaf yellowing or conifer browning apply when symptoms appear.
Remember, plants also require other nutrients like nitrogen and potassium. Use this product in combination with a complete fertiliser like Miracle-Gro Grow more or a water soluble fertiliser like Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food.
Contains 50% more magnesium than Epsom salts providing a longer lasting action.