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PLEASE NOTE: This is a seed packet

Thick fleshy scales on relatively compact plants. They can even be grown in a flower border.

Sow indoors 0.5cm (1/4″) deep in a tray of seed compost. Water well and maintain a temperature of 15-20oC (60-68oF). Keep moist. Seedlings usually appear in 14-28 days. Transplant to individual pots when large enough to handle. Gradually accustom young plants to outside conditions (avoid frosts), before planting out 90cm (3′) apart.

Sow outdoors thinly where they are to crop, 1.5cm (1/2″) deep directly into finely prepared soil which has already been watered. Allow 90cm (3′) between rows. Thin plants to 90cm (3′) apart. Plants should crop for 4-5 years.

Hint: Cut as soon as the heads begin to open. The edible part is the fleshy ‘half-moon’ shape at the base of each scale and the heart of the flower.

Soil Type: Rich, deeply dug soil
Position: Part-shade


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Flower / Harvest

July, August, September, October

Sow Indoors

February, March

Sow Outdoors

March, April