Westland SafeLawn Bag 400sqm

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Westland SafeLawn is for anyone who loves their lawn. But, it’s especially great for anyone with children or pets. If you love your lawn, but you’re put off using chemicals due to safety concerns with children and pets, Westland SafeLawn is the product for you. It is a fertiliser made using only natural ingredients. It includes friendly bacteria to help break down dead moss, grass material, thatch and dead leaves into nutrients to help your lawn. SafeLawn’s nutrient package greens and thickens the lawn in just three days.

With naturally occurring ingredients
Safe to use around children and pets
Feeds all year round for a healthier lawn
Helps prevent weeds and moss
Greener and strong lawn results
Friendly bacteria transforms dead leaves and moss into nutrients
No scorch risk (yellowing of the lawn) due to its natural mode of action
Promotes soil health for a stronger more resilient lawn
With a built-in applicator for easy spreading
Can walk on immediately after application

This liquid feed is ideal for use in the summer months for fast greening. SafeLawn Liquid Lawn Feed contains slow release fertiliser for long lasting results as well as helping to control weeds in your lawn. Using SafeLawn and the liquid fertiliser will give you wonderful results.