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The Flymo Turbo Lite 250 is 25cm electric hover lawn mower with a powerful 1400 watt motor, rotary metal blade, 4 height adjustments, 10 metre cable and foldable handles making it very easy to manoeuvre, store and provides a professional cut from heights between 11mm to 31mm.

Flymo have been renowned for producing hover mowers over the years and this Flymo Turbo Lite 250 is quite simply the lightest and easiest to operate hover mower you can purchase here in the UK.

This mower is the best selling hover Flymo, and there is a good reason. The Flymo Turbo Lite 250 has no fancy features or clever gimmicks, and that’s its beauty. A simple lightweight mower that will float around the lawn making it quick and easy to get your lawn cut with no fuss or stress.

With a deck size of just 25cm means that this mower is deigned for smaller lawns or medium lawns with narrow strips. Don’t think just because the Flymo Turbo Lite 250 is small that it is not powerful, oh no, this mower has a very respectable 1400w motor, providing the same power as much larger mowers.