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Neat, compact ‘powderpuffs’ for edging

Easily raised from seed, these low growing, rounded little plants become smothered in dainty, Wedgwood blue, double flowers all summer long. Blue Mink is the perfect choice for edging paths and island beds, and is also good in patio containers.

Ageratum is an easy-to-grow half-hardy annual which flowers in the same year as sowing. Low growing and versatile, it is a delight in bedding schemes and containers. 

The name ‘ageratum’ comes from the Greek a- (without) and geras (age) as the petals retain their colour for a long time. Ageratum houstonianum originated in Central America and the West Indies.

Height: 25cm(10in)
Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
Habit: Dwarf, Ground Cover.