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Darlac Hooked Garden Knife

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The Darlac All Purpose Hooked Knife is a truly multi-purpose gardening tool that’s suitable for  completing tasks all around the garden, such as weeding, harvesting and more. The hooked stainless steel blade slides down between paving slabs to pull out grass and weeds with ease, while the straight blade is great for cutting grass edges along paths, or for splitting and dividing plants. This all-purpose garden knife is ideal for harvesting cabbages, lettuces and trimming leeks, beetroot and carrots, as well as cutting garden twine, trimming fleece, capillary matting or weed suppressant membrane to size.

Hooked garden knife for use all around the garden
Rust resistant stainless steel blade
Perfect multi-purpose garden tool for weeding, harvesting vegetables and general garden maintenance
An invaluable garden tool in the greenhouse or garden shed