Kent & Stowe Eversharp Bypass Secateurs

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Eversharp™ Bypass Secateurs have an extraordinary blade made with a unique aerospace coated technology. It is 100 times harder than the average blade and boasts a superior chassis which will stand the test of time. Eversharp™ Bypass Secateurs are the sharpest, longest lasting, frictionless and anti-rust blade on the market.

Use a pair of bypass secateurs to cut green live wood, young and soft woods rather than an anvil style
Bypass Action: These secateurs have 2 sharpened blades that pass over each other to make a clean and precise healthy cut, like a pair of scissors
Suitable for cutting delicate stems, as the bypass action is less likely to cause bruising and damage to the stem
Ideal for deadheading, taking cuttings, pruning and cutting shoots down to the nearest bud
For roses, shrubs and general pruning of green live wood

Carbon steel blades with Eversharp™ technology
Aluminium lightweight body with FSC® certified ash wood handles for traditional comfort
Designed and made in the UK
Suitable for left as well as right-handed users
Adjustable hand size
Includes integrated wire cutting notch
25mm cutting diameter
Ideal for deadheading roses, shrubs and also pruning live wood
10 year guarantee