Henry Bell Black Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder


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Henry Bell Heavy Duty Feeders are a strong & rugged feeding solution made of aluminium and finished in a striking black. The feeders are easy to clean and refill with an all in one base that offers more perch space whilst enabling the collection of feed debris. These feeders also include a drainage solution to assist with the maintenance of the feed.

A strong & robust 24.5cm black hanging feeder designed to hold Peanuts.The mesh on the peanut feeder prevents birds taking whole peanuts which can be dangerous for smaller bird or fledgings.

Great for feeding a wide variety of garden birds including Blue Tit, Woodpecker, Nuthatch.

Featuring a stainless steel hanger, easy opening lid. These Heavy Duty Feeders have an all in one base offering increased perch space and a catcher tray to collect feed debris. Drainage holes are included in the design to ensure feed is kept fresh.

There are ever decreasing food resources for wild birds and it is becoming more and more essential that you feed your garden birds all year round. Once you have started please carry on and create a routine as the birds will become reliant upon your help to bring life and vitality into your space.   Put out feed regularly and please ensure that there is plenty of fresh water available.