Henry Bell Elegance Open Nesting Box Flat Roof


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Henry Bell’s Elegance Collection Nest Box features a square opening to encourage robins & wrens to nest in your garden. The nest box complies with expert recommendations that include drainage holes and the required thickness of wood. All fixings are finished in silver and the wood is FSC sourced. With a contemporary sloping roof design to fit in any garden this beautiful nest box features a matte grey roof with white frame and a smooth stained wooden front.

A stunning nest box carefully designed to add elegance to your garden whilst following all wild bird care expert advice. An open fronted box suited to both robins & wrens.

Made from FSC timber.

Silver hanging hook.

Includes drainage holes.

Please consider putting up nest boxes with different sized holes as you will then cater for a variety of species. Natural nesting sites are becoming scarce and wild birds are becoming more reliant upon nesting boxes. There are also,  ever decreasing food resources for wild birds and it is becoming more and more essential that you feed your garden birds all year round. Once you have started please carry on and create a routine as the birds will become reliant upon your help to bring life and vitality into your space.   Put out feed regularly and please ensure that there is plenty of fresh water available.