Henry Bell Essentials Wild Bird Sunflower Hearts Feeder

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A sleek, contemporary, robust feeder in grey featuring an easy opening lid and a removable base for easy cleaning. The design incorporates a bird friendly perches to enable birds to comfortably feed and an angled base to ensure the sunflower hearts flow to the feeding ports. This feeder holds approximately 220g of our sunflower hearts. The product label colours match the sunflower hearts range to support easier shopability to identify the right feed to put in your feeder.

A contemporary 20cm grey hanging feeder designed to hold Sunflower Hearts with 2 feeding ports.

Great for feeding a wide variety of garden birds including Great Tit, Dunnock, Nuthatch.

Featuring a stainless steel hanger, easy opening lid and angled base to support the flow of feed to the feeding ports. The base is also removable for easier cleaning.

There are ever decreasing food resources for wild birds and it is becoming more and more essential that you feed your garden birds all year round. Once you have started please carry on and create a routine as the birds will become reliant upon your help to bring life and vitality into your space.   Put out feed regularly and please ensure that there is plenty of fresh water available.