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How to create a Christmas grotto in your garden

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Whether you’ve been nice or naughty this year, create a Christmas grotto in your garden! By using garden lights, a portable fire pit and garden accessories you can create a festive feeling to share with all your friends and family.

1.  Choose the right location for your grotto

Firstly, you need to choose the perfect place for your grotto. A shed, a pergola or a canopy is the ideal spot for your winter wonderland transformation. Having an overhead cover will help protect your guests from any wind and rain and is easily made magical with some outdoor lanterns and string lights.

2.  Create a festive path

Start the magic from the house by creating an enchanting path that leads to your grotto. Use garden accessories such as outdoor lanterns and candles to create a magical mood as well as string lights that will guide the way for guests and children.

3.  Light up the trees

There is nothing more spectacular than a well lit tree. While the evergreen conifer is the classic Christmas tree, really any garden tree can be transformed into a magical sight. Wind string lights around the trunk and up through the branches to create a festive look. Add oversized baubles and outdoor lanterns to the branches to add flair to your wonderful trees. To finish you can even add a touch of snow by spray painting your trees white.

4.  Add more lights!

Lights, lights and more lights are the easy way to create a twinkly Christmas grotto. Sparkles make the magic come alive so hang garden lights on the walls of your grotto or on a garden wall. String lights should be hung in abundance. You should invest in some robust, metal outdoor lanterns as well as a few fun lights to capture the festive mood that you’re trying to create.

5.  Decorate your grotto

Finally, finish off your Christmas grotto with a few garden accessories and soft furnishings. It might be cold, so you’ll want to include a few cosy cushions and warm blankets so that your guests can keep the chill out.

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