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Jobs for July

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July – hopefully a month of glorious weather to allow us to be able to sit out and enjoy our gardens in between some of the jobs that need doing this month. 

Here’s our top jobs for July…

🌻 Feed, water and deadhead bedding plants regularly. 

🌻 Cut back early summer perennials such as hardy geraniums and delphiniums after flowering to encourage a second show of flowers. 

🌻 Keep a watch out for pests such as snails and aphids. 

🌻 Feed and deadhead roses regularly. 

🌻 Sow fast maturing salad leaves, rocket and radishes every few weeks for continuous picking. 

🌻 Feed tomatoes, cucumbers and chilli plants every week with a high potash tomato feed. 

🌻 Mow lawns regularly but raise the cutting height during hot weather to leave the grass higher. 

🌻 Protect any developing fruit from birds by placing netting around your plants. 

🌻 Weed borders regularly so that the weeds don’t have time to set seed. 

🌻 Keep bird baths topped up during hot weather.

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