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Top Gardening Jobs for April

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April is here, and spring has sprung!Here are some top jobs in the garden for this month;🌱Aerate the lawn by spiking it with a garden fork, or a use a lawn aerator.🌱Mow your lawn more regularly as required, lower the cutting height towards the end of the month.🌱Feed shrubs and trees with a fertiliser such as Growmore, by lightly forking it into the soil.🌱Divide primroses once they have finished flowering.🌱Trim winter-flowering heathers once the flowers disappear.🌱Deadhead daffodils and tulips as the flowers finish, leaving the foliage to die back naturally. 🌱Feed fruit trees, bushes and raspberry canes.🌱Sow hardy annuals, herbs, and wild flower seed outdoors. 🌱Cut back summer and autumn fruiting raspberries to approximately 23cm (9in) from the base.

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