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Top Gardening Jobs for February

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February – still cold outside but there are signs of spring coming with spring flowering bulbs emerging and the days gradually getting longer.

This month is an important month for getting things ready and prepared for spring.

🌱 Give your tools and machinery a once over and check to see they are still in good condition. Give them a clean up if needed.

🌱 Prune wisteria, cutting back side shoots to 2 or 3 buds.

🌱 Prune summer flowering clematis cutting stems back to healthy buds about 30cm from the base.

🌱 Keep removing dead flowers from winter pansies to encourage new flowers.

🌱 Mulch fruit trees with farmyard manure or garden compost.

🌱 Sow summer annuals such as Petunias in a greenhouse or a sunny windowsill.

🌱 Prepare vegetable seed beds by forking in plenty of compost and covering with black polythene to keep it dry and warmer for spring planting.

🌱 Trim evergreen and deciduous hedges before birds start nesting.

🌱 Prune winter flowering shrubs that have finished flowering.

🌱 Put cloches or fleece over strawberry plants to encourage an early crop.

🌱 Sow sweet peas in deep pots and keep them in a greenhouse or a sunny windowsill.

🌱 Prune Rose bushes if not done so already.

🌱 Spread a layer of farmyard manure or garden compost around roses and shrubs.

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