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Caring for your Chrysanthemums into Winter.

Chrysanthemums are ideal if you want to maintain beautifully bright colours in your garden through Autumn 🍂

What’s better yet, these blooms are perennials and will come back year after year if taken care of through the frosts ❄️

How to look after your Chrysanthemums:

1. These beauties love full sun ☀️ which also means they need plenty of water. Give them a good soak when repotting then water 💦 every other day or whenever the soil seems dry.

2. When the first frost arrives and the blooms have finished, place your plant in a cool but frost-free area (a shed or garage will do if it’s frost-free). Don’t water too often during this time.

3. When Spring arrives, cut ✂️ the stems about a centimetre above the soil.

4. Return the plants to the ground around April and new blooms will arrive in Autumn!

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