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Jobs for August

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August can be one of the hottest months, so watering is an essential job, particularly containers and new plants. Other top jobs for this month include;

🌻 Deadhead flowering plants regularly. 

🌻 Trim lavender once finished flowering to maintain a compact bushy shape. 

🌻 Lift onions and shallots once their tops die down, then leave to dry in the sun. 

🌻 Summer prune wisteria by cutting back long side shoots to about 20cm. 

🌻 Keep on top of weeding, as weeds will compete for water and nutrients. 

🌻 Cut back herbs to encourage new tasty leaves which can be harvested in time before the frost. 

🌻 Continue to feed tomato plants and pinch out the top of the plant to encourage growth into the fruit that has already formed. Ideally leave 5 or 6 trusses of fruit per plant. 

🌻 Keep birds off fruit such as berries by use of netting. 

🌻 Raise the cutting height of your mower as lawn growth slows down in late summer.

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