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Blooming Lovely: Top Ways To Prepare Your Garden For Spring 

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Spring marks the end of the long winter months, and also represents a busy period for gardening, where many plants need sowing, tidying or extra maintenance. As the final weeks of winter approach, there is no better time to start organising your garden and complete practical tasks that will bolster your planting and growing efforts once the weather improves. 

The best advice for maintaining your garden into spring and summer is to be prepared. Knowing what you need to do and when will ensure you stay on top of all the most necessary tasks in the coming months. 

Here’s a list of the key ways you can prepare your garden for spring. 


This may seem like an overwhelming task at first, but general tidying after a long winter is a big part of the gardening process at this time of year. This involves any weeding or hedge maintenance that’s been overlooked so far this season, as well as making sure your lawn is prepared to rejuvenate in spring. 

Clearing out any dead or underperforming plants from your beds and borders can help you consider what plants you need to order for spring, as well as ensuring that your remaining plants have the space to grow and blossom in the warmer months. 

Rain Collection

It is vital that you make the most of the wet weather that typically arrives in winter and early spring. Collecting rainfall in a water butt is an eco-friendly way to ensure you’ll have enough water to hydrate your garden in the upcoming summer season, whilst also saving you money on your water bills. 

Rainfall is also the best kind of water for your garden, where it is entirely natural and unfiltered with chemicals like tap water. This will give your plants an extra boost as they go into the spring season. 

Cleaning Equipment 

Practical tasks to prepare for spring include checking up on all your garden tools and equipment after the winter months. This means making sure everything is sharpened, as well as mould and dust free.  

You may wish to give your greenhouse a good clean before you begin a new season of planting, and also check on your mower to ensure you won’t be caught out when the grass starts to grow. 


Ensuring you have a good composting system in place is an important task to ensure your garden is ready for spring. Making compost in winter ensures that you have a ready-made resource to plant your new seeds and bulbs, saving you money on shop bought materials. 

A compost bin is also the perfect destination for all the natural waste you will gather from tidying your garden and clearing out borders after winter. 

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