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Gardening Top Tips for November

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Can you believe it’s November already?!
This time of the year in the garden, it’s mostly about getting ready for Winter and protecting plants from the colder weather to come.
Don’t forget, if you’re having a bonfire for Bonfire Night, check piles of wood and leaves for any hibernating hedgehogs.

Here’s our top gardening jobs for this month;
🍁 Raise pots of the ground using bricks or pot feet to prevent waterlogging, and to help prevent frost damage.
🍁 Cut back any remaining perennials that have died down.
🍁 Clear any leaves that are still falling, especially off the lawn to keep it healthy, and out of ponds.
🍁 Apply grease bands to the trunks of fruit trees to prevent non-flying moths climbing the trunk and laying eggs in the branches.
🍁 Now is a good time to plant raspberry canes and currant bushes.
🍁 There is still time to plant spring flowering bulbs for a colourful display next year.
🍁 Remove any fallen leaves from Roses that had blackspot so they don’t carry the disease over to next year.
🍁 Prune autumn fruiting raspberries to the ground after fruiting.
🍁 Insulate the inside of the greenhouse with bubble wrap.
🍁 Move any tender plants into somewhere frost free and any that can’t be moved, protect with fleece.
🍁 Lift dahlia tubers after first frost and store in dry compost in a frost-free place.

Finally, as winter approaches, food for birds will become more scarce, so put out bird food to encourage birds into your garden and keep them happy and healthy this winter.

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