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Jobs for June

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Hello June! This month we can hopefully expect warmer temperatures and more sunlight. Flowers are blooming, but the weeds are also coming up from nowhere! Keep on top of them so that your plants are not competing with them for water and nutrients. 

Here are some other top jobs for this month;

🌱 Keep a check on watering, especially containers and hanging baskets, and newly planted shrubs and trees. 

🌱 Mow lawns at least once a week.

🌱 Hoe borders regularly to keep down weeds.

🌱 Pinch out side shoots on tomatoes. 

🌱 Feed containers and hanging baskets once a week or every two weeks with a liquid fertiliser.

🌱 Stake and support tall, floppy perennials. 

🌱 Dead head roses.

🌱 Use greenhouse shading or shade paint to prevent your greenhouse from overheating. 

🌱 Harvest salad crops every 2 weeks for a constant supply. 

🌱 When onion and garlic leaves turn yellow and start to die back, they are ready to harvest.  🌱 Protect any fruit starting to develop by placing netting around the plants.

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