Westland 2 in1 Feed and Protect Rose


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Westland Rose 2 in 1 Feed & Protect is specially formulated to support rose health from the inside out. Comprising two bottles, the first bottle contains a concentrated rose feed. This ensures greener foliage as well as more vibrant and fragrant flowers. Whereas the second bottle contains a specially formulated protection concentrate to help deter black spot.
Rose 2 in 1 Feed & Protect helps roses absorb more water for improved health and increases disease-resistance. The correct nutrition is the best way to ensure that plants are at their best every year, growing greener and glossier foliage with abundant, fragrant blooms.
This 2 in 1 set is easy to use, just mix both feeds in water.

Contains calcium and also sulphur to strengthen
Child, pet and bee-friendly
Can be used on all types of rose plants
Strengthens the plant from within
Can be used from March to August during the growing season