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5 Unique Ways To Utilise Your Garden String Lights

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5 Unique Ways To Utilise Your Garden String Lights

Your garden space provides an essential refuge from the world beyond whilst allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors. This natural oasis can be embellished with plants, water features and furnishing to create an area for relaxation and entertaining, where gardens can be designed with both versatility and practicality in mind.

A further accessory that can really transform your outdoor space is a simple string of fairy lights. This lighting option can be both aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing, where there are numerous ways that you can incorporate them into your garden. Read on for a look at five unique and creative ways you can brighten up your outdoor oasis with fairy lights.

Decorate Planters

You can brighten up any plant pot or raised bed with fairy lights, where these can be wrapped or draped around all kinds of containers throughout your garden. These can help to define your garden layout whilst sprucing up your tired and dull planters with a little bit of decorative magic.

Brighten Walkways

Fairy lights also make a great addition to your outdoor walkways. Fences, balustrades and posts can all be reinvigorated with a string of fairy lights, where these can be hung, draped or vertically dangled to define and brighten your garden paths.

Create Jar Lanterns

Another creative way to utilise your fairy lights is to coil them inside a glass jar, pot or jug to make your own homemade lantern. These can be scattered throughout the garden or placed carefully on your decking to illuminate a cosy seating area.

Light Up Trees

One of the most impressive ways that outdoor string lights can be used is if they are combined with leafy foliage. Draping fairy lights across a large tree or wrapping them around a tree trunk can light up the depths of your garden whilst emphasising your attractive planting.

Define Seating Areas

String lights can also be used in your garden to define your seating areas. You could wrap the lights around a bench or line your decking space with them to clearly distinguish these spaces from the rest of your garden. This makes for an ideal design option if you don’t want to build a hard fence or border.

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